Michelle Edge


Community Ambassador, AB, Founding Gem

An adopted Calgarian, Michelle moved to Canada from the UK after completing her Joint honors MA in Law and Philosophy.   From working in the Oil Sands to Co-Founding the Energy Disruptors Initiative, Michelle’s background has a solid foundation in Energy but her passion lies in all things creative.   Michelle is happiest when reading and writing, and is inspired by strong, authentic and determined women like J. K. Rowling and Emma Watson, who use their talents to make a difference in our world.   “When I first met Jordan I was blown away by her drive and passion.  Honestly, I would follow Jordan into any initiative she believed in, but it just so happens the cause she has put her heart into is completely aligned with my values, morals and spoke to me at my very core.  Gems for Gems is a unique organization with an amazing purpose and a visionary leader at its helm”.