Gems for Gems testimonies

Leanne MacCleod (Gems for Gems)

“Gems for Gems hold as a special place dear to my heart. Through it my eyes have been opened to the current situation in Calgary regarding the number of families struggling to make a life for themselves and I am left aware of how truly lucky I am. All the necessities I take for granted every day… and these women (and children) are often barely surviving….

Gems for Gems gives me the opportunity to give back to the community and make a positive difference in the lives of the women we work with which to me, is so very important. In the end, we all need each other.”

Alicia Dobranowski (Gems for Gems)

“Within a very short time, Gems for Gems has been a catalyst for change. The focus on community and collaboration has enabled our group to provide empowering events for women which instill hope, inspiriation and important resources for those in need. I am so proud to be a part of this initiative!”

Adrianna Nieuwdorp (Gems for Gems)

“The ideas behind Gems for Gems are totally unmatched by any other women’s group or initiative. Women building up one another while not only helping others, but creating true change. In this rat-race world we have tendency to lose sight of our worth and the positive impact we are capable of. Gems for Gems helps us to remember we are worth more then we give ourselves credit for, which allows us to help others in more difficult situations.

I first became involved with Gems for Gems through the Christmas Jewelry Drive and hadn’t even met Jordan yet. I knew I wanted to help, and that’s what I did. I collected jewelry from my workplace to help provide gifts to the women in need. It was humbling and really no effort at all but I knew the result would be more than I could ever produce on my own. From there I was honored to be offered a position to become part of this fabulous group and gladly accepted. Coming from a single mother household, I saw the strengths my mother displayed in her weakest moments. For this reason I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to help these women in needs and show their children how strong they really can be.”

Edith Riley (Gems for Gems)

I was drawn to Gems for Gems because of the work they are doing for/with women.  There is so much need in my area for women who are in need.  I see it at work every day in the faces of both the younger and older female students.   Being able to show them support in ways such as the Christmas jewellery drive, clothing drives, zero to hero, to just name a few of the Gems for Gems initiatives is so exciting for me.  I am always trying to help the students at work by donating to the campus food bank and clothing drives or even just stopping them in the hallway to have a chat about their day.  I think we are all responsible for the well-being of our communities.   I believe the initiatives that the Gems for Gems have done so far are just a small sample of all this group of incredible women will accomplish for our communities.


Alisia Nhoeuk (Calgarian/Supporter of Gems for Gems)

“Unstoppable, transparent, empowerment, are just a few words that come to mind when I think of Gems for Gems. How about “Ignite your soul, to become alive” is exactly what comes to mind when I think of Gems for Gems and what they are truly all about. IF there was an organization even close to Gems for Gems in the town I grew up in, I truly and deeply believe that my mom, would still be alive today. The drive and motivation Jordan has, is incredible. The brief time I have known Jordan only proves to me that her vision and dreams will change the lives of millions. Not to mention bring all of us women together to inspire, help and motivate one another to create an outstanding life that we should all be able to live.

From, a true believer and encourager in Gems for Gems”

Sydney Ropchan (Gems for Gems)

“I have been fortunate enough to have an amazing network of women in my life for support, guidance and encouragement. Gems for Gems is a beautiful organization that provides such a positive environment for women who may not be so lucky. I am so honoured to be even a small part of an organization that empowers and builds women up. I look forward to encouraging change in women and helping them realize and achieve all their capabilities and goals through Gems for Gems.”

Desiree Benvenuti (Gems for Gems)

“Gems for Gems has been a great source of inspiration. It has opened the door to women that have struggled, or are still struggling, and allows them to have hope – to know that despite their obstacles, there is still kindness in the world. While our main goal is to help women in need, it does so, not through a detached approach, but through hands on, personalized approach that provides a fun and upbeat environment to those in an otherwise unhealthy one. Gems for Gems is a group of like minded women that come together to unite others, to incorporate love, compassion and fun into an otherwise desolate situation – it brings back a little bit of sanity, and inspires faith that they can get there life back.”

Courtney Trowse (Gems for Gems)

“I truly believe women are strong because of our hearts, how deeply we can love, how that love can allow us to create life and do the impossible, Jordan and the other Gems are walking embodiments of the strength of love. When we feel a sense of Sisterhood we are able to step into that strength with more grace and confidence than when we feel we are standing alone. Our love grows deeper when we allow ourselves to praise each other, to lift each other and love each other and receive those gifts in turn. Gems for Gems is a beautiful example of Sisterhood in action and I am so honoured to be welcomed as a gem.”


Cindy (Recipient of Jewelry Drive Christmas Gift)

“At first I didn’t understand. What is this? Why are you giving it to me? But then I read the note in the bag. I cried. My kids didn’t understand. I’m just grateful. And shocked. And I don’t know. Its weird, and great to be thought of when you don’t even think about yourself like that.”


Laura (Recipient of Jewelry Drive Christmas Gift)

“The gift was great! I couldn’t believe it and thought it was from the shelter at first. But I gave a bracelet to my daughter and I had a necklace and earrings that matched! It was really nice, like the stuff was REALLY nice. The nicest stuff we have.”

Beth (Recipient of Jewelry Drive Christmas Gift)

“The Christmas gift made me feel pretty. I hadn’t felt like that in a long time. It was a ring. Nothing ‘special’ but it fit and was pretty and I just kept looking at it.”

Marie (Recipient of Jewelry Drive Christmas Gift)

“I had money and things. Lots of things. Jewelry, cars, big house, but I left it all to be safe. To keep my three kids safe. So my son wouldn’t grow up beating his wife and my daughters wouldn’t think that’s what men do when they love you because that’s what I told myself. He’s doing it because he wants me all to himself. That I shouldn’t have stayed at the store that long because he would feel like I was looking to meet someone else… you know. Anyway, I just didn’t get it. Gems for Gems. I understand how nice it is but I don’t get why they do it. Just to be nice? I’m nice and I would never think of this. Not now and not before. I think the best thing about this is that they are getting everyone. Gifts to everyone in here and getting the jewelry from all across the city. I think that’s very neat because everyone is coming together, for us. So ya, I don’t get it but I like it. Thank you.”

The Birdhouse Void (Community Supporter)

“As Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

To me, this describes what Gems For Gems is all about. They do so much for women, and there is no limit to what they can accomplish. Jordan Guildford is a tremendous women with so much talent, I know she will take Gems for Gems to heights unknown, and I am proud to do my part for her and all the Gems.”

Matt Smolley (Community Supporter: Owner of Orange Theory Seton, Westhills and Shawnessy)

“Gems for gems is an amazing charity that  not only provides women with support and care but they give many of these women hope and a voice that they would have been lacking without the amazing people from Gems for gems. I fully stand behind and support Gems for gems because they are truly marking a massive impact in so many lives and just the fact that they are raising awareness and providing a safe place for these women is something money cannot buy. My business’s are always very excited to help out in any means that we can.”

Ryan Beames (Community Supporter)

“Gems for gems is an amazing organization in its ability to help empower women through the help and support of other women. It’s incredible to see the difference the positivity and togetherness of the group can have on both its members and the community around them. In a time where the negatives in the world are pointed out at every turn, Gems for gems is an organization that shines brightly through its ability to do so much good.”

Chelsey Radu (Gems for Gems)

“When I first heard about gems for gems I didn’t know what to expect, all I knew is that I wanted to be apart of it! After getting involved, I began to realize that I was getting just as much out of this as the women we are fortunate enough to help. It is a cliché, but the phrase strength in numbers is really a powerful feeling, one that I have been lucky enough to experience as a woman helping women. Gems for Gems is what I must thank for that, and I can’t wait to see all the future empowering moments this organization will bring into my life and others.”

Sarah Kapitza (Community Supporter)

“Gems for Gems is such a wonderful grassroots program.   What started as an small idea to do something to make struggling women feel pretty has become a huge movement empowering women from all walks of life!”

Brendan (Community Supporter, Directional Drilling Consultant)

“When I was a teen my parents separated. My mother, along with my 3 siblings and I had to stay at a women’s shelter for a few months and I saw the struggles that she went through first hand. The worst part for me was knowing that no matter what I did, I couldn’t really help her. Gems for Gems has taken that feeling of helplessness that me and many have felt and shown women that someone is always there for them. The kindness of strangers is a powerful thing. Gems for Gems has not only mastered that, but they’ve even taken the stranger part out and created a friendly network for women in any stage of their life, but especially ones who may need a helping hand.”


Leah (Zero to Hero participant: Private event)

“Thank you so much for coming here to teach us these lessons. I have had no hope. I have hope now. I also think I can figure this out without my ex. Thank you.”

Tonya (Zero to Hero participant: Private event)

“I felt like it was only me and the other people in the shelter that feel and think like we do. I know now that there are so many women who have gone through this and now have happy lives! I have hope and courage after today. Thanks for the steps on financial independence. I’ll do this for myself and my kids.”


Marie (Zero to Hero participant: Private event)

“Wow. Thank you. The women who hosted this event were all so beautiful, kind and happy! I feel happy now and I haven’t felt happy in longer then I can remember! I am inspired because I know I have more in me. I’m not what he made me feel. I’m strong and my kids are strong. I am excited about the live I am going to start building today.”

Carie (Zero to Hero participant: Private event)

“I don’t even know where to begin. I want everyone who reads this to know you are strong and very capable. Its easy for us to not see that. To just listen to ‘him’ and believe everything we hear. Its just not true. Thank you Gems for Gems for showing me that and for waking me up. I didn’t want to come today. I just wanted to hide. I am so glad I came. You were all so kind and happy! I needed this. Thank you.”

Monique (Zero to Hero participant: Private event)

“I had no idea I could break a board! I just imagined my ex’s face lol Thanks for today Gems for Gems! Ready for my new life!”

Sarah (Zero to Hero Participant: Private event)

“I have been so scared. So scared. Thank you for breaking each step to standing on my own feet down for me. Thank you for giving me the websites I need to get more help. I feel dumb for not doing this on my own but really ready to take on this next chapter after today. Also, the singer was awesome…. Michela? WOW! I like those self defence moves too but hope ill never have to use them”

Zara (Zero to Hero participant: Private event)

“I am alone with my children in Canada. Thank you for your help. Please continue.”

Melanie (Zero to Hero participant: Public event)

“Wow what an eye opener. The speakers were amazing. Incredible stories that you almost can’t believe! So glad I came. “

Louise (Zero to Hero Participant: Public event)

“I’ve been in an abusive marriage my whole live. This was a wake up call. I am beginning my plan to leave today because of this event. Thank you for what you are doing and for all the lives you are saving. I wish you were around when I was young.”

Mary (Zero to Hero participant: Public event)

“How has it taken this long for this to be available to survivors? So well done Gems for Gems. So needed.”