gems ambassador

Are you interested in joining our Community Ambassador Team?

We are looking for members who meet the following criteria and above all, are willing to stand up and be the change Gems for Gems wants to see in the world!

  • Are you motivated to be a part of ending the cycle of domestic abuse?
  • Are you willing to take initiative on your own as well as work with a team of men and women?
  • Are you comfortable learning and being a voice for Gems for Gems in your community and on your platforms?
  • Are you willing to look for opportunities to help Gems for Gems with fundraising?
  • Are you comfortable learning our verbiage and speaking about Gems using the words aligned with our values?
  • Are you patient and willing to be a part of everything that comes with growth including, but not limited to, processes, activities, etc. changing and evolving as we grow?
  • Are you willing to lead your community by being a living example of the “Gems Way” (positive, kind, strong, compassionate, non-judgemental and willing to learn/grow)?
  • Are you willing, ready and excited to be a part of showing everyone around you that we can ALL make a difference?

If you said “YES” to the above criteria, you may be EXACTLY who we are looking for! Please fill out the below application TO COMPLETION. Unfortunately, if it is incomplete, your application will be paused until all information is received. Please note, getting all the information to our team is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. We do not have the ability to pursue missing information.

We sincerely look forward to you joining our Community Ambassador Team and becoming a part of Gems for Gems!