Gems for Gems Scholarship Program

The Gems for Gems Scholarship Program is the union of empowerment and education. We believe these two key elements will give survivors the necessary confidence to believe in themselves, as well as sever the financial dependence on their abuser. Our goal is to give selected survivors the opportunity to permanently end the cycle of domestic abuse for themselves, and their children.

The Path To Scholarships

Some of the Gems for Gems Scholarship Recipients with Gems Celebrity Ambassador Michelle Morgan after a confidence-building retreat hosted by Gems for Gems

The Gems for Gems team spent years operating our motivational events THRIVE within the shelters. Yet, as time went on, it became clear that many survivors were planning on going back due to feeling there was no other way.

Something needed to be done to offer an option for those ready to take the lives of their families in a different direction. The problem was, so many lacked the self-confidence and financial independence required to see starting a new life as a true option.

After much thought, the idea of the Scholarship Program was put into motion. The belief was, and is, that with appropriate education (attainable in under a year), women would be able to gain the confidence needed to believe in their own capabilities while they learned the skills required to be financially independent as well.

The NPO became a registered charity and thanks to the kindness and generosity of Calgarians, Gems for Gems was given the funds to launch the first round of Scholarships in 2019.

We believe in order to create the possibility for lasting change in another, you must give them the tools to create it for themselves. We remain incredibly grateful to all who helped us get this beautiful initiative of the ground and are very much looking forward to changing the future, one woman at a time.

To all considering applying for the Scholarships and other opportunities through Gems for Gems:

●Please take a look at the opportunities below

●Please see below for further application criteria.

●If you don’t receive the award, try again.

●If you do receive the award, understand that thousands of people have contributed to making this opportunity possible for YOU. Treat it like the life-altering gift it is and change your stars.

Gems for Gems seeks to honour those who have been taken from their families, and community, through domestic abuse. As such, all scholarships are named in memory of victims. Please see below and reach out if your loved one was taken and you would like to have a memorial scholarship to honour them further.

To all who contributed to Gems for Gems thus far

you have become part of making the world a better place by creating a boundless ripple that will be felt for generations, thank you so very much.

To all who will support, thank you for magnifying the efforts of those who have come before you. We invite you to join us and continue to Be The Change. Together, anything is possible.

Application Requirement

  • Each application must include a reference letter from a doctor, lawyer, or a member a shelter’s management team as well as the reference’s name and contact information.
  • Each applicant must write a maximum of 500 words explaining why they should be selected.
  • If selected for an interview, each applicant must bring/provide:
    • Transcripts
    • Banking information (proof of income)
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered for the scholarships.
  • You must be a female survivor of domestic abuse.
  • You must have verification to verify the above.
  • You must have a high school education.

OPTION #1 A FULL SCHOLARSHIP to The Esthetic Institute Gems for Gems Scholarship Program 2019


Alberta Business & Educational Services

ABES College has collaborated with Gems for Gems to bring the opportunities their school provides in the medical and veterinary fields to survivors of domestic abuse!

“Are you looking for a respected post-secondary school to continue your education in the medical or veterinary care fields? As one of Calgary’s best post-secondary educational institutions for over 20 years, ABES offers a variety of programs and certifications for many different areas of study.

Additionally, we are partnered with the Alberta Health Services and Calgary Lab Services, ensuring your certification is officially recognized across the province, and that you reap the highest rewards through our formal post-secondary training!”

-ABES College

Gems for Gems is so grateful for this collaboration we look forward to giving this opportunity to survivors of domestic abuse!

To learn more about ABES and this opportunity, please click here


Option #4 A spot in the “BEST YOU”: Learning Playground Online Workshop

Option #5 ‘DISCOVER-YOU’ Coaching Opportunity