What is Hope’s Cradle?

Hope’s Cradle is a collaborative initiative to support mothers in need and save infants from unsafe abandonment.

Many of you may have heard that newborn babies have been abandoned in dumpsters, alleys, trunks of cars, etc. Many reasons led to these tragedies, but the silver lining is this;

These babies have been born. This gives us an opportunity to change their fate by creating an alternative to abandonment.

When a baby is placed in Hope’s Cradle it will be considered a surrender. Provided the baby is healthy, there will be zero repercussions for the person who chose this safe option.

It is critical that Gems for Gems continue to be nimble and respond to the community’s needs while still maintaining our commitment to ending the cycle of domestic abuse. Hope’s Cradle does exactly that.

We are honoured to make this resource available to women and their babies to ensure all children have the most basic right intact… the right to life.

As happy as we are to be able to provide this resource, we are grounded in the reality of the sadness that created this need. We ask that you, the community around Gems for Gems, support us in providing this and focus on the fact that Hope’s Cradle will give life to babies who may not have had one. This fact supersedes all other concerns as, without life, they are irrelevant.

Thank you for your interest in Hope’s Cradle and please stay tuned for more information by following our social media platforms!

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~Jordan Guildford

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Questions and Answers

When will Hope’s Cradle be operational?

Hope’s Cradle has been officially launched at the Strathmore Fire Department. Please stay tuned for more locations!

Where will Hope’s Cradle be located?

Hope’s Cradle will be located outside the Calgary city limits at a fire station. We will release the location in the next few weeks when the final action items have taken place and they are ready to go public.

Where can I learn more about Hope’s Cradle?

Sign up for our newsletter and follow our social media channels listed right here!

Facebook: Gems for Gems

Instagram: @gemsforgemscanada

LinkedIn: Gems for Gems

I want to be a part of this initiative, who do I speak with?

Thank you! We need all the help we can get as we plan to expand the Hope’s Cradle initiative as far as possible!

Please reach out on any of our platforms and ask for Jordan.