Hope in Hell

A podcast-like initiative through which the stories of survivors are told with the intention of empowering them and inspiring those still either in an abusive relationship and/or those working to rebuild in the aftermath of one.

Mission: To give a voice to survivors of domestic abuse and show the variety of different forms of abuse thus showing the public, current victims, and current survivors that they are not alone, their experiences are validated, and they too can find a Hope in Hell. We want this to give hope to those in darkness.

Who we are looking for: Survivors who found something in the darkness to give them hope and strength to escape the abuse and move forward after the abuse.

****Key element is that you have created a happy good life for yourself even though you may still have to handle the aftermath (continued abuse from your ex-partner).

We want these stories to showcase how no matter what has happened, no matter what you have been told, you can rebuild and deserve a happy life.*****

Qualifying forms of abuse: ALL i.e. Childhood abuse, boyfriend, girlfriend, spousal… etc.

Survivors submission options: Written, video, or interview. All will have a maximum time of 10 minutes total.

Submission Content: (please submit to elhibbard@yahoo.com )

  1. Bio of up to 5 sentences.
  2. Written story. No matter what the survivor chooses this written submission will be utilized to ensure a fit with the mission of this initiative.

This will be read and recorded for YouTube if they would like their anonymity maintained.

When read out loud, it should not pass 9-minute range.

  1. Either a headshot or photo they feel connects with their story. If not a headshot, it should be empowering
  2. Written permission stating they release their story to Gems for Gems to publish as they see fit.

We are incredibly grateful to our ambassadors (Emma Hibbard, Laura Lee and two of our junior ambassadors) for producing this initiative for Gems for Gems.

Jordan Guildford

Founder/CEO, Gems for Gems



Anonymous Story #1

I grew up in severe poverty by Canadian standards. My parents neglected me and only my very basic needs were (sometimes) met… Full Episode here

Anonymous Story #2

Somehow, I had the exact right combination of hardship and abuse to make me strong enough to overcome and create the life of my dreams. Much more would have likely broken me, any less would not have created the fire within me… Full Episode here

Anonymous Story #3

Though this is just one of my experiences with domestic abuse in relationships, there were many times where I was ready to end it all and just leave this world… Full Episode here

Anonymous Story #1

I grew up in severe poverty by Canadian standards. My parents neglected me and only my very basic needs were (sometimes) met… Full Episode here

Anonymous Story #5

When I was a little girl, I always imagined myself having the fairy tale love story, just as all girls do. I imagined marrying the love of my life, having the perfect little family, and living happily ever after. You know, the typical cliche love story.
Unfortunately, that’s not how my story went. It took me years to realize my happily ever after was, in fact, a living hell… Full Episode here

Anonymous Story #6

“I begged my mom not to have that male babysitter to watch my brother and myself many, many times. My first encounter with sexual abuse happened when I was about 8 years old.”… Full episode here

Anonymous Story #7

“My name is Michelle and I experienced coercive control and abuse to a level that is now considered criminal in many countries. I have heard from so many women “well he hasn’t hit me so it’s not domestic abuse”… Full episode here