Vanessa Ferreira

Ambassador, Zero to Hero Board Representative

Community Ambassador, AB

I had the pleasure to meet Jordan Guildford at Fashion Forward and learn more about this extraordinary organization. I was extremely impressed by Jordan’s, and the organization’s, commitment to helping victims of domestic abuse. Gems for Gems’ strategy to address domestic abuse by focusing on the empowerment of victims is remarkable; through its unique approach and innovative programs, this organization has immense potential to continue creating lasting change and making real strides to end the cycle.

I have witnessed and experienced domestic abuse first-hand and firmly believe empowerment – through motivation and education – is key in tackling this pressing, extensive and under-addressed issue. I have been fortunate to the necessary resources to overcome my struggles related to domestic abuse. Many women, however, are not as privileged and I feel compelled to help change that. I am very passionate about this cause but like many, have not actively done as much as I can to help address it. It’s time to change that!
As a communications professional with extensive experience in events, community engagement and program development, I am excited to add value to Gems for Gems while supporting this cause which is very important to me.