High Fitness co-founder Amber Zenith (also a Gems for Gems Ambassador) heard of Gems for Gems and its mission to end the cycle of domestic abuse through empowerment and education and was immediately all in.

Gems for Gems Educational Opportunities for survivors of Domestic Abuse

This woman is one of a kind. Amber instantly started planning fundraisers (the past two years on International Women’s Day and more) joined as an Ambassador and offered TEN High Fitness Certifications! In addition to this generous contribution, Amber is waving the first year of fees of each Gems for Gems new High Fitness Instructor! The certification is a one-day course and sets each applicant up for a successful future with High Fitness.

This gift is an enormous opportunity for anyone looking to create an income around children, around another career and anyone looking for a flexible fulltime schedule!

Thank you so much Amber Zenith for your kindness and generosity!
Check out more about this opportunity by clicking the link below.