This is the 1st Scholarship to be awarded to a survivor of domestic abuse from the Gems for Gems Scholarship Program. It will be awarded to a survivor of domestic abuse who has demonstrated knowledge of the importance of remaining outside of abusive relationships, compassion to those who have lost their lives as a result of abuse and understanding of the gift living truly is.

This woman will have been through the Gems for Gems Scholarship Selection Process, ranked in the highest percentile of all applicants and will be made aware of Nadia’s story in order to honour the memory of the loss and the life behind this once in a lifetime gift of education.

About Nadia El-Dib

Nadia was a stunning woman, 22 years old, the life of the party and lived to make others happy. She was murdered in March 2018 by someone she had seen but had separated from a few months before.

He asked her to come into his car to provide him with ‘closure’ and Nadia agreed. This was the last time her friends and family would ever see her again. After refusing to let her out of his car, he stabbed her 40 times, slit her throat and then shot her.

“We are so honoured to have Gems for Gems name their 1st Scholarship in Nadia’s name. She had dreams of becoming a lawyer. Those dreams won’t ever come true now but at least another woman’s dreams can in her memory.

Gems for Gems has been a light for myself and my family through some dark times. We are so happy to be a part of and to support Gems for Gems and specifically the Scholarship Program”

-Racha El-Dib (Nadia’s Sister)

Learn more about Nadia’s case below: