Karla Gourdeau

Team Lead Ambassador Management, Alberta Community Ambassador

Community Ambassador, AB, Founding Gem

“My name is Karla Gourdeau and I have lived in Calgary all my life. I worked for an independent jewelry store for 7 years and am a Graduate Jeweller (aka I love all kinds of gems)! I left the jewelry industry for the less glamorous world of big corporate oil and gas where I currently work as a Chartered Accountant.

I am passionate about women’s roles in a male dominated industry and hope to see more and more women in leadership roles and around boardroom tables throughout my career and never take my seat at the table for granted! I feel very strongly about what the Gems for Gems mission and vision is, I especially love the scholarship program as I’ve always felt so privileged to have the education that I do as it’s always been my safety net and I want to see other women be able to change their life circumstances through the scholarship program.

I am excited to be apart of Gems as I truly believe in the “empowered women, empower women” quote and I have had the good fortune of a strong lady tribe to pull me up through my darkest moments and I would love the opportunity to give back and pay it forward!”