Cari Frame

Community Ambassador, AB

Community Ambassador, AB

Cari Frame is a woman with a wildly eclectic resume and a heart of gold. Her varied career includes expertise in the fields of solopreneur-ship, civil engineering, crisis intervention, health ethics and (wait for it) firefighter.

Cari has harmonized her broad professional skills and her passionate caring for people into her company Empowered Wellness Coaching. She is an internationally certified Life Coach and Nutrition Coach with hundreds of hours experience connecting to what’s most transformational for her clients and her workshop participants.

Cari has also devoted hundreds of hours to volunteering on the front-lines of crisis and suicide intervention at the Distress Centre, southern Alberta’s primary suicide hotline. Being present to someone in a moment of loneliness and distress is a privilege that Cari applies her whole self to. Being a survivor of domestic abuse herself, she knows that being truly heard and respected is a powerful step towards empowering oneself.

Gems for Gems motto of empowering women to empower themselves is perfectly aligned with Cari’s primary focus in life and work. Cari’s motto is “Whatever it is, you ARE strong enough”.