Anna Szabo

Community Ambassador

While I have struggled with mental illness & abuse in my lifetime, I have understood the importance of obtaining an education in the helping profession in hopes of breaking the bounds of my history 7 to change the path of my life. Because of this, I pursued an education as a Child & Youth Care Counsellor as well as a background as a Child & Youth Educator. While my passion was working with children, my heart was in helping children who have been hurt by abuse, neglect or addiction.

Within my pursuit, I also found myself in a journey of a struggle with mental illness brought on because of my life experiences with domestic abuse. I feel empowered to help others who struggle with mental illness & who have overcome addiction because of the abuse they encountered.

While I have been in the process of rediscovering my strength in finding joy in hope, I created a support group -Hidden Inside Myself- Glimpse Into Mental Illness Support Group which I take great pride & care for nurturing the relationships I have made in this support group. I facilitate this support group with the purpose of creating a supportive environment in which people who suffer with mental illness can share their struggles as they celebrate their triumphs.

My life’s purpose is to educate women & empower them in overcoming their greatest struggles in realizing they are worthy of nurturing & loving relationships. We are all capable of growth, change & stability