This amazing woman joined Gems for Gems as an Ambassador and has hit the ground running! When the Ambassador Management team was being formed, she instantly put her name forward and became the New Ambassador Coordinator. In this position, Sheri has personally processed over 50 new ambassadors, she has hosted jewelry packing events and has also stepped up to assist in creating new policies for Gems!

Most recently, Sheri represented Gems for Gems as Roz Savage’s guest (four- time Guinness Book of World Records holder) at a gala where Roz was the keynote speaker. Sheri has also assisted in creating the partnerships soon to be announced with some incredible Calgary based businesses!

Sheri, we truly don’t know what we would do without you.

Thank you and congratulations for being chosen as the Gems for Gems ‘Gem of the Month’!


The Gems for Gems Ambassador Management Team