The July Gem of the Month is Karla Gourdeau!

This incredible woman joined our ambassador team and instantly jumped in with both feet!

Gems for Gems brought our Wish Bracelets to TIFF Celebrity Connected Gifting Suite which was only made possible by Karla spearheading, ordering the supplies and helping create these beautiful and meaningful gifts for 150 celebrities!

Karla took on a natural leadership role with the Gems for Gems Showhome Furniture Fashion Show and was the ‘hub of the wheel’ on the organizational end! 
Countless hours were spent organizing vendors, models etc. and she did an incredible job!

When it was time to create our Ambassador Program, Karla was at top of our list to become the Team Lead for the Ambassador Management Team and THANKFULLY this kind, loving and generous woman said YES! 
In this role, Karla has a team of three (who she ADORES- HERwithin Sheri Rouse😉 ) which  run, lead organize etc our National Ambassador Program comprised of 87 Ambassadors nation wide! -Olivia Stuck, you actually make us INTERNATIONAL! 

Karla... there aren’t enough words to express what you have done for Gems. I just hope you know you are so very appreciated and we are ALL incredibly grateful to have you...


Love Jord