Ian Anderson

Position: Board of Directors
Categories: Board of Directors
Location: Alberta

Ian Anderson was the President and Chief Executive Officer of Trans Mountain Corporation. He was
previously President of Kinder Morgan Canada and has over 40 years of leadership experience with
the Canadian predecessor companies.

Ian was responsible for the strategic direction, growth and sustainability of the organization. Ian
developed a strong philosophy for community relations and government interactions. His
experience and reputation among the countries Indigenous nations was developed over decades of
hands on involvement and open communications.

Ian was successful in creating and delivering on the vision, governance and strategy of the
organization and maintaining that focus through changing market conditions, ownership changes
and a major expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

In addition to successfully operating the only pipeline delivering product to Canada’s west coast,
the Trans Mountain Expansion Project has been a 12 year commitment for Ian. The Project is
comfortably past the 75% milestone for completion.

Ian’s philanthropic work has been exemplary. He was Director at Inn from the Cold for 5 years, and
Chaired the Capital Campaign for Neoma, a new location for the Inn shared with Homespace who
provide affordable housing solutions for Calgarians in need.

Ian retired from Trans Mountain in May 2022. In August, 2023 he joined the Gems for Gems Board
of Directors.

“I believe the Vision of Gems is unique to our society and can be very influential in providing critical
care and services for Women who have suffered domestic violence. I am excited to assist Gems in
achieving this Vision.”
-Ian Anderson