Stacey Pacitti Henderickson

Alberta Community Ambassador

Community Ambassador, AB, Founding Gem

Stacey is a born and raised Calgary girl who always dreamt of owning a fashion boutique. She is now the proud owner and operator of DNA Dresscode, a women’s clothing store located right here in yyc.

This career choice has not only allowed her to share her passion, love for fashion and people, but also allowed Stacey to be available to her beautiful son, her true purpose in life.

“Jordan and I did a fashion show together a few years ago and when she took the stage and spoke about Gems for Gems, I was truly amazed! It was obvious to me that Jordan and I share a similar love for people but she has truly taken that up an entire level.
I feel very blessed to be an ambassador for Gems for Gems and am looking forward to doing my part in contributing to this beautiful charity.”