Community Ambassador, AB

I am currently a nursing student and have always found an interest in women’s health. I hope that one day I can specialize in labour and delivery but would also love the experience to work at the women’s health centre.

Everyone has had their hardships and you cannot compare your own to anyone else’s experience. Even myself, I have dealt through hardships that showed me my limitations and what it took for me to build myself back up. Gems for Gems specializes in dealing with women who have experienced domestic abuse, but in the grand scheme, it is about empowering other women to stand up for themselves and to be the best version of themselves without the guilt/fear of their past experiences. 

In today’s society with the #MeToo campaign it has allowed women to have a voice, and Gems is another addition to building a safer community. I want to help guide individuals who have been impacted by abuse to stand tall, but also bring awareness to parents with young daughters of what is acceptable and what is not. I have watched this organization grow the last couple of years and it truly amazes me how many people it has impacted. I just hope to be a small stepping stone in everything that Gems can achieve.