Community Ambassador, AB

Adrienne Furrie is a professional makeup artist and image expert with 20 years experience working in fashion, beauty and business. Adrienne has helped hundreds of women over the past two decades to feel good about what they see in the mirror. Understanding that our exterior mirrors who we are on the inside, and how we show up on the outside impacts every facet of life.

In addition to her ongoing learning and work in appearance and image, Adrienne’s depth of knowledge of the human spirit comes from an applied interest in psychology, personal development and well-being that reaches right back to her days as a university student. Along with earning a bachelor of commerce in finance, Adrienne has taken extensive training and worked in the fields of life coaching and yoga.

Adrienne is proud to be an ambassador with Gems for Gems having witnessed the true dedication of the founder and all those involved in the Gems initiatives to end the cycle of domestic abuse.