This incredible woman is one of Gems for Gems Founding Ambassadors!
Throughout the years, Lydia has had a role in every single facet of Gems!

Some of Lydia’s contributions are listed here:

•Collecting, cleaning, packing and delivering the jewelry donated by women across Canada for survivors of domestic abuse who have fled and find themselves in shelters on Christmas morning.
•Volunteered in shelters during the Gems for Gems motivational events and looked after the children of survivors so the mothers were able to experience without distraction.
•Hosting, organizing and supporting fundraising events for Gems for Gems.
•Seeking donations for auctions in support of the scholarship program.

And so much more…


Your time, commitment, love, actions and alignment have had an immeasurable reach.
Thank you so very much for everything. You are appreciated and valued greatly.

Congratulations Lydia!


The Gems for Gems Ambassador Management Team