Racha El-Dib

Racha El-Dib

Alberta Community Ambassador

My sister Nadia was tragically murdered in March 2018 by a man she used to see who refused to let her go.

Ever since, I vowed to help others and keep her spirit alive, so Nadia doesn’t become just another statistic.

Meeting Jordan has been an honour and incredible light to our lives since Nadia passed away.
Gems for Gems is not only helping us tell her story and keep her legacy alive, but they have also committed to their first scholarship being given in her honour.

It has been a difficult journey, but joining Gems for Gems and their hands on approach to creating change, has given hope to my family and I.

Knowing we will help stop the cycle of abuse means the world to us.

I am so looking forward to the future projects and endeavours that will come out of this organization, and can’t wait to be a part of something so positive and wonderful.