Please note, although this program was designed to aid survivors of domestic abuse, ANYONE interested in the skills/knowledge we teach is welcome to attend this public event.
***This is NOT a child friendly event due to the subject matter covered.

•The Gems for Gems Zero to Hero Program •

The premise of these events are to show survivors of abuse they can be their own ‘Hero’ through learning certain skills from ground ‘Zero’.
We accomplish this goal by having key areas of personal development, relative to their specific reality, taught from the ground up. These areas are as follows;

We always have a psychologist come and speak on coping mechanisms both directly after leaving abuse and for down the road when triggers could happen in public without warning.

•Motivational Speaker:
We have a leader from the community come to speak on their version of resilience, reaching that attaining goals is very possible with the right mindset as well as with the knowledge that you must always be kind to yourself and understand that setbacks aren’t the end of their journey, but a part of it.

•Financial Literacy:
Through our experience in the shelters we have worked with women from every economic back-ground, yet the common denominator is they have barely escaped with their lives, and left only with the clothes on their back.
Even the most well-planned exit strategies leave the women with extremely limited resources. We work with experts in this field to again, build from ground zero to financial stability through exposing common pitfalls, temptations, and by educating on resources not commonly known and therefore underutilized.

•Self Defence:
All maneuvers are simple to master, taught from a few compromising physical positions and effective in being able to allow those crucial seconds to run.
Each session is ended with survivors learning they are capable of much more then they thought. It is powerful.

The event concludes on a literal ‘high-note’ with a local artist giving an intimate performance.

Every emotion possible is experienced by everyone in the room and yet through the design of these events, everyone leaves feeling empowered with tools to assist them in their current state and in the future.