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Paige Harding

British Columbia Team Lead Ambassador

Born and raised in Kelowna British Columbia, I lived out East in Halifax Nova Scotia for four years, and have recently returned to my roots back in Kelowna!

My career is in Health Insurance, in the Group Benefits Divisions for CapriCMW Insurance.

When I heard about Gems for Gems I had such an interest in giving my time to the organization as I believe in the cause and love how it revolves around making an actual difference- not just applying a bandaid.

I believe in empowering women, lifting each other up and making women believe the sky is truly the limit. Together, there’s nothing we cannot do.

I am looking forward to spreading the word about Gems and am hoping to make a difference in someone’s life as being a part of this has already made a difference in mine.

“Be the woman who fixes another woman’s crown, without telling the world it was crooked”

Saba Khajavi Wolfe

British Columbia Community Ambassador

I live in Kelowna B.C and am the owner of a successful design firm – inArtifex Design Ltd.

I am a newlywed, a new mother, and a successful business woman.

I am learning at balancing all aspects of my life but always knew I wanted to make time to give back to my community.

Being in an industry that is very male colonized, I get such pleasure and motivation to encourage woman to make the bold stand of leaving a footprint in what sometimes may feel like an unknown place.

In working alongside Gems for Gems, I look forward to encouraging other women to be part of something so great, to support one another, and to truly make a difference.